Patriot Praise

Mayor Jeff Coleman, City of Pflugerville

"Before I began using Patriot Pool and Spa I was regretting my decision to build a pool. I was not enjoying it because I was constantly "fiddling" with something (chemicals, chemistry, cleaning, etc.). I am back to enjoying the pool because I know Hal and his team are taking care of all those pesky details."

Joe Williams, Keller Williams Realty

"It is rare to find a competent service company that although they are not a family run operation, operates like one! Hal and his team have really tried to combine service, a depth of knowledge and technology in a way that makes working with them a real joy. Their response time is immediate, and their advice is always with the client’s best interest at heart. I just wish most service providers modeled their customer service after the Patriot Pool and Spa Team! They stay in touch constantly, so you have complete peace of mind when it comes to your pool."

Barbara and M Forbes, Round Rock, TX

"Our family is pleased we found a dedicated, conscientious local company to attend to the needs of our pool. The team at Patriot Pool and Spa go the "extra mile" in maintenance and service and, most of all, they are knowledgeable about the industry. We are grateful for their expertise and honesty!"

John Dyess, CEO of Dyezz Surveillance & Security

"Patriot Pool and Spa is and always has been reliable. I have used them for over 3 years and will never shop them. They show up the day they are scheduled and the one thing I'm sold on is it's always ready for swimming."

Senator Ken Armbrister

"Patriot Pool and Spa has been taking care of our pool for seven years and I would not go elsewhere. We were first time pool owners, didn't know a thing about how to care for or even check chemicals. Patriot to the rescue. The team members are professionals, knowledgeable, and friendly."

Alex Jones, Austin, TX

"I can't say enough good things about Patriot Pool and Spa. We have used many pool companies over the life of several pools around town and none of them were ever great. In walks Patriot and changes that. I have never had a pool service I could describe as honest, reliable, communicative, and professional before I hired Patriot Pool and Spa"

Colby Clark, Austin, TX

"I don't know anything about pools, nor do I want to. I just want my pool to be clean and clear every day, and not worry about the upkeep involved with trying to accomplish that. That is exactly what I get from Patriot. They have provided a full service that allows me to enjoy my pool to its fullest and not be bothered with the upkeep. Perfect for what I want."

Training & Resources

Keeping your pools GREEN!  No, that isn't a typo... image

Keeping your pools GREEN! No, that isn't a typo...

In 2015, we will save over 8,000 chemical bottles and over 1,500 cardboard boxes

Communicative, Consistent, Cool image

Communicative, Consistent, Cool

Your pool guy shouldn't be a stranger

Our "Digital Door-hangers" help simplify your life image

Our "Digital Door-hangers" help simplify your life

You'll never have to guess if your pool has been cleaned or not

Saving the world one pool at a time image

Saving the world one pool at a time

Doing what we do

Keeping the earth and your wallet GREEN image

Keeping the earth and your wallet GREEN

Patriot Pool and Spa can slash your pools energy costs by up to 90%!

Certified & Capable